Patient Self Management

We know that 90% of the therapeutic success in chronic diseases depends on the patients’ self management skills. A basic understanding of the disease process and therapeutic concepts, coping- and behavior change strategies are essential for the therapeutic outcome in chronic illness. While traditional medicine is one cornerstone of any therapy, self management skills may make the essential difference when it comes to therapeutic success. Chronic diseases in general require continuous commitment on the part of the patients. They need to learn how to cope with their disease, how to integrate disabilities into their everyday life, how to be compliant with their therapy and much more. In general people to not have any of these skills, when they are diagnosed with a chronic illness. During the conventional medical diagnostic and therapeutic process we often lack time and expertise to educate the patients thoroughly in self management skills.

This obvious gap in the management of chronic diseases drove us to start our research in patient compliance and patient education 13 years ago. In order to protect the patients’ data and to provide a trustworthy platform for our research and education for the participating patients we founded the European Health Care Foundation in 2005 in Zurich. In the past years we collected profound scientific data, developed educational and coaching concepts and set up a large patient portal called “Patientenfuchs” to educate patients suffering from diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, asthma and COPD. We also offer a 28-day program for smoking cessation.