3 good reasons for organic vitamins

Almost 100% of all vitamins you can purchase today are synthetic. However, today multiple scientific studies proved that synthetic vitamins show several serious disadvantages.

  • Efficacy

Organic vitamins from whole foods are significantly more effective than synthetic vitamins, because they include the whole vitamin complex and not just one single component as in synthetic vitamins. In order to be effective, all components, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and enzymes need to be present, because they work synergistically.

  • Bioavailability

The human organism was optimized for millions of years to obtain vitamins from natural whole food. Our body knows the structure and design of vitamins from organic sources. Therefore, organic vitamins – unlike their synthetic copies – show an optimal bioavailability.

  • Toxicity

Efficacy and bioavailability, however, are not the only benefits of organic vitamins.  Equally important is the fact, that synthetic vitamins may have serious side effects. Synthetic vitamin A has been linked to anemia, respiratory infections, liver cirrhosis and an increased rate of birth defects, synthetic beta carotene to lung cancer in smokers, synthetic vitamin E to allergies, bleeding, oxidative stress, high blood pressure and a decreased life span, synthetic vitamin K to liver damage and cancer, synthetic vitamin C to muscle damage, synthetic vitamin B3 and B6 to liver damage. The main reason for these side effects is that synthetic vitamins are administered in unnatural high doses.


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