Organic – The best kind of healthy diet

Are you also sick of all the good advice on a proper diet? Little fat or less carbohydrates, don`t eat this for breakfast, skip these foods for lunch and so on…

Very confusing, if you ask me. I think the best way to eat a healthy diet is to eat as much organic as possible.

What is organic? Organic is any food that has not been processed by the industry. Processed foods contain colorants, flavours, sugar additives of various kinds and much more, so that one very often can no longer recognize the actual food when reading the list of ingredients.

Also, most of the time you do not get what you asked for: cold cuts are basically a kind of dessert because of the high amount of sugar, the strawberry yogurt has never seen a real strawberry, the frozen vegetables with cream has more fat than anyone would expect and many ready-made meals do not fill you up but make you more hungry because of the sugar and the flavour enhancer.

Equally bad, however, is that often the important nutrients are contained in much less amounts than one would expect. The unhealthy parts usually have the upper hand, because they are cheap. So you are missing many important vitamins, phytochemicals, and important minerals if your diet contains mainly processed foods.

Try to make a change. Ask yourself with everything you eat, whether you can make it out of unprocessed foods: muesli from natural yoghurt, oatmeal and fresh fruit – of course you can add some sugar or honey if you want. At least you know how much it was.

After I made a drastic decision to avoid processed foods, I learned how many delicious, fast dishes you can cook from fresh foods. And at lunchtime, a nice salad or home-cooked soup are a nice and quick alternative.

The effect: Since I eat almost 100% organic, I feel much fresher, more energetic, have no cravings and know that my body has everything it needs. Of course I cannot always do it but I try to stick to the 80/20 rule. 80% organic and 20% processed. Try it out. It makes a great difference. And in my opinion the best recommendation for those who want to start changing their diet.


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