6. Avocados

Top 10 foods for diabetics.

Avocados are excellent for people with diabetes. They are rich in oil acids that lower cholesterol. In addition, they are packed with diuretic potassium. Vitamin E and iron support the immune system. One avocado already covers one third of the daily requirement of dietary fiber. Although they contain a lot of fat, they are healthy, unsaturated fatty acids. A new study shows that avocados can even help lower cholesterol levels.

Buy avocados always hard and let them ripen at home at room temperature. Soft fruits in the store may have be stored too long and have dark uneatable places inside.

You can make a delicious dip from avocados very quickly: Slice a soft fruit, twist the two halves apart, extract the seed, loosen the pulp and crush in a bowl with a fork. Mix with salt, pepper and the juice of one lime – done. It can be used as a spread, dip or added to salad.

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