Exercise for the heart – 2. Swimming

When it comes to healthy sports for heart patients, swimming is on top of the list. It’s an excellent endurance sport that strengthens your heart and lungs, whilst training almost every muscle in your body. It protects the joints, and is an easy way to lose weight even when you are overweight.

Since swimming has accompanied me almost daily for many years, I would like to share my personal experience with it. While undergoing cancer therapy, due to which I could hardly walk (because of weakness and joint pain), I told myself – no matter what – to go to the pool once a day. If the way there was difficult, then the way back was always much better. My quality of life during the whole therapy (as far as one can speak of quality of life at this time) was so much better ONLY because of the regular swimming. It seemed like a miracle to me. Even in the following years, where walking long distances became difficult because my knee joints had suffered, swimming is my elixir of life. Even after a long a day and a tired body – swimming is always possible. I feel light, the water also strokes my soul and the even back and forth in the tracks has a clearly meditative character. In the end, I always feel refreshed, the stress of the day has remained in the pool, I am pleasantly tired, sleep deeply at night and wake up refreshed. A day without swimming makes me feel bad and as if I have missed something.

Now, in summer, when all outdoor pools are open, the weather lures outside and it is too hot for some other sport, it is best time to try it out. If you are still looking for a healthy exercise, then my advice is: try it out!

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