Become a non-smoker in 28 days

This is for those who have always wanted to quit smoking, but have not been successful it yet.

Finally free from cigarettes! If you want that, you are already on the right track. Try our 28-day program. So many have already successfully stopped the deathly habit and feel liberated.

What to expect? The structured program can be done online in 28 days. In the first half of the program, you will be intensively look at your personal smoking habits and preferences. This is important for you to develop your own strategy before you stop and how to best behave when the craving starts. The 14th day is your first day without cigarettes. From then on, we will assist you intensively, so that you can master the obstacles that you will encounter in the first days.

But also other participants can support your journey, because you can exchange your thoughts on our pin board – yes, even have a good cry on somebody shoulder. There is always someone there who can cheer you up and give you tips from your their experience. You are not alone.

Curious? Then start. You can register on our online-portal under “smoke-free”.

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