What is a digital heart or diabetes coach?

New innovative measuring devices, such as scales, pedometers or blood glucose meters, which automatically transmit the measurement data to an online portal, are the latest trend. The user can then get a feedback from a coach or his doctor about their scores. By this, the user learns whether their health is in order, whether something at home should be changed or, if necessary, a doctor must be consulted.

This intensive supervision makes sense, especially with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, because the course of both diseases is influenced to a large extent by the behaviour of the patients themselves. However, changing the lifestyle is not always easy. Many patients are not sure what exactly they should do to change their diet or how and how much they should exercise.

The AXA health insurance has developed an innovative coaching concept for its clients with cardiovascular diseases or diabetes in cooperation with the West German Center for Applied Telemedicine (WZAT) and the German Institute for Telemedicine and Health Promotion (DITG): the digital.DiabetesCoach and the digital.HeartCoach. With this program the AXA wants to accompany and support its customers step by step on the way to a healthier lifestyle. Of course, the doctor or specialist are always involved.

Customers participating in these programs will be provided with the appropriate, innovative measuring devices and will also be accompanied by a personal coach by telephone.

Are you interested in these programs? You are welcome to contact the AXA directly via email or telephone.

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