Cheers to Nordic-walking poles!

Recently, I rediscovered my Nordic Walking poles, after I had to take a break from swimming due to an operation. I spent a vacation at the north sea and wanted to regain physical fitness step by step.

It felt so good! The wind in my face, the whole body in motion and the feeling that with every step I can regain my health. In the beginning I had to go back after 20 minutes, but after a week I was already at one hour a day. After every session I rewarded myself with a good book and some hot tea.

Walking is possible everywhere, also in winter, if it doesn’t rain heavily. And: you can find a pace that works for you – slowly and cautiously, if you are still ill and after a while more ambitious. The fresh air that comes with it is a real boost. When I am walking alone, some music in my ears is the icing on the cake. It makes me move more lightly and I am somehow longer on the road than without music. I think in the future I will use my walking poles more often – even when I am back at the pool.

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