Konjac – a superfood with a lot of potential

Have you heard of konjac? I am not talking about the alcoholic beverage that is spelled differently, but pronounced the same. I am talking about the konjac root, which is used in Japanese cooking and in Chinese medicine. The root of the devil’s tongue is particularly rich in glucomannans, which are starch-like substances. Foods made from the konjac root have a great advantage for diabetics and for people who want to lose weight: they are very filling and at the same time have CLOSE TO ZERO calories and NO carbohydrates.

Konjac noodles are produced from the flour of the konjac root. A serving of konjac noodles has less than 10 calories – that’s less than one cucumber. In addition, konjac noodles have 0% carbs and 0% fat. Konjac noodles have a glycemic index of zero.

But even more: the flour of the konjac root is rich in soluble fiber, which can absorb a lot of liquid. Thereby, it promotes intestinal health and digestion and makes the body feel full for a long period of time. Thus, they are considered an ideal addition to the diet of everyone who wants to lose weight. Even diabetics benefit from it, because konjac noodles do not raise the blood sugar levels like a normal pasta dish.

Just try them out. Konjac noodles can be found in every well-stocked grocery store. They are prepared in a minute and are actually relatively tasteless – similar to glass noodles – so, easy to combine with any pasta sauce.

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