Stress and smoking

A few days ago, after a lecture for patients, a listener spoke to me and told me: “I smoke , but I could not stop because without cigarettes I have a lot of stress. When I smoke I feel really good”.

I knew that too well – I still remember the times when I was smoking a lot. Some against stress, others for well-being and some just out of boredom.

However, the perception with the stress is a fallacy. Smokers are addicts. The cigarette withdrawal (which can occur even after a short time without cigarette) makes them hectic and nervous. Or in other words – STRESSED. Grab a cigarette, take the first drag, take a deep breath and the stress is gone. Then the smoker falsely thinks: With cigarettes I have less stress. In fact, you have more stress. Because whenever no cigarette is in reach, and you get stress from the outside, this stress is being reinforced, because you are also still on withdrawal! The result is a Circulus Vitiosus from which seems impossible to break out of.

However, I can reassure anyone who really wants to try quit:

The withdrawal with stress, cravings, headache, restlessness is not exactly great – but already after 3-4 days as good as over. What is such a short time against what you win: freedom!


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