Creative Visualization

The will to create something and the belief that you can do it are two very different things.

Athletes are not only physically trained before a decisive competition but also mentally prepared. How does it work? You have to subconsciously come to the deep conviction that they are winning or that they are as good as they can possibly be. This conviction is half the battle in the competition.

And in the fight for your lifestyle is the same. Creative visualization is a method that uses the power of positive thoughts. In simple terms, in the relaxed state of mind, they repeat positive strengthening sentences, which in this way gradually dig deep into your subconscious mind. For example, “I am healthy and slim” or “I feel fresh and strong through exercise” etc

After some time, this exercise has a strong effect on your daily life: you become more confident that you achieve certain goals and you automatically behave differently.

Take a look at our video on this. For more information look at our portal under your indication, help in everyday life, creative visualization. There you will find more information.

A very good book Tip is the paperback: “Imagine” by Shakti Gawain.

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