You are what you think

Few of us realize how much our thoughts influence our daily life.Many of our upcoming thoughts are negative rather than positive, such as: I’m not going to make it, here comes another bad day etc. We all know this. We all know times when negative thoughts appear automatically most of the time and positive ones only very rarely in special moments. Sure this is normal in normal day life with normal day stress. But many of these negative thoughts result from fear of the future and a lack of trust in ourselves. Sometimes negative thoughts can stick to you like a limpet – I’m sure you know this.

However, the thoughts that accompany us day by day have a great impact on us. Negative, fearful and depressive thoughts will influence our activities – what we do and how we do it. We make different decisions when we are positive than in times when negative thoughts are overwhelming. We feel better and are healthier when we think positive. Every competing athlete knows that the mental attitude is what tips the scales for success.

Almost everything we do is decisively influenced by the way we think. And we are not powerless over our thoughts. We can learn to be sensitive to the thoughts that come up, day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. And we can steer our destructive thoughts in the opposite direction.

How? First of all try to be sensitive to negative thoughts and immediately replace them by a positive one. Try to affirm the positive thought – if possible by speaking it out loudly. You will notice that negative thoughts are continuously replaced by positive ones – little by little.

Whatever your plans for the New Year are, how about this one:

Next year I will try to control my thoughts instead of letting them control me. I want to think positive, in order to live positive. By the way this is the best you can do to support all the other wishes you may have for the next year.

Happy New Year for all of you!!

Author: Prof. Dr. Dorothee Gaenshirt


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