Flu Vaccination – it does not only protect against flu

Every year when fall comes many people, especially those with a chronic disease, think about flu vaccination – a reasonable preventive measure because in the best case scenario it completely preserves us from getting the flu. And even if we do get sick the vaccination ensures that the disease is significantly milder and subsides quickly.

But did you know that the routine flu shot could also protect against completely different diseases?

A study has shown that people who were vaccinated against the flu had a 30% lesser risk of a heart attack, a stroke and other serious heart conditions.

What is the reason for this? Well, the flu causes the body to respond with a massive immune- and significant inflammatory response. As a result, the vascular deposits –the plaques – can become unstable, so that it comes to vascular occlusion, which in turn can trigger a heart attack or stroke. Likewise, influenza viruses may act directly on the heart muscle and cause damage. This may worsen existing heart conditions or even lead to heart failure.

So: if you have a cardiovascular disease or are at increased cardiovascular risk because of diabetes, consider getting a flu shot – it can prevent diseases and complications. The best time for vaccination is October or November. Make an appointment!

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