Why is breakfast so important for diabetics? – Do you know?

Are you one of those people who rush out of the house in the morning without having eaten a thing? One often hears: “I can’t eat anything so early in the morning, but I eat lunch, so what.” However, if you have diabetes this is not good for you at all.

A missed breakfast can lead to chaotic blood sugar levels throughout the day. At noon, without breakfast, the blood sugar levels of diabetics are 40% higher than on days where they have had a rich breakfast. In the evening the blood sugar levels were still 30% higher than with breakfast – this has been shown in several studies.

As a diabetic you should not miss breakfast under any circumstances.

On the contrary: diabetics who have a reasonably large and nutritious breakfast and a comparatively small evening meal had blood sugar levels, which were 20% lower than the patients who ate contrariwise – so a small breakfast and a rich dinner.
Take your breakfast seriously – enjoy it – thereby you will do something positive for yourself and your blood sugar levels.